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Factors of location

Picture shipyard

Town Wolgast,
Mecklenburg- Vorpommern
District Ostvorpommern

Wolgast is a traditional trade and business location with regional and nationwide importance. Wolgasts economic situation is marked by modernizing and changing of structures. The good use of capacity of the 5 industrial estates shows that Wolgast is an ideal business location.

A wide- ranging economic structure, development of services, cooperation with the Peene- shipyard and other existing enterprises is our aim.

The Department for Economic Development Funds of the town administration and the Centre For Founders of New Business ( Enterprises) were established for new investors and employers.

If you want to ask for business- foundings, new settlements, movements and employers within town or business enlargements

You will find the right partner here.

- centre with about 14.000 inhabitants

- good connections to the federal highway B111/ 110
  future connection the motorway 20

- Wolgast- Berlin 210 kilometres

- Wolgast- Stettin 140 kilometres

- Connections by train from Berlin, Rostock and Hamburg

- Regional airport in Heringsdorf/ Garz 35 kilometres from Wolgast

- Direct railway connection to the Isle of Usedom

- Centre for Founders of New Business/

- Biggest seaport east of Rostock with direct connection to the Oder-
  Havel canal, the river Oder and the Oder Haff lagoon and the whole
  Baltic region

- You can reach regions around Berlin by ships

- Modern shipbuilding at Peene- shipyard


Rate of taxation 

property tax A  200 per cent
property tax B 320 per cent
trade tax  300 per cent


Important developments of town

Renewal and reconstruction of the old town centre

- redevelopment ares of 19 hectares

- granted town development funds: 26.3 million DM

Urban development of new housing estates

- Wolgast- North- improvement of living conditions

- 6000 inhabitants

- area of 56 hectares

- granted town development funds about 8,2 million DM

Partner: Department for Economic Development

Mrs Langner
Phone: 049 3836/ 251161
049 3836/ 2510 fax 049 3836/ 251100
e-mail: gudrun.langner(at)

Town Wolgast
6 Burgstreet
17438 Wolgast


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