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Day- Nurseries


Day- Nurseries


§ 1 Day- nursery- law


Day- nursery should support and complete the right and the duty of the parents to educate and care for their children by offers of education and care to contribute to the childrens development. This obligation should be fulfilled by all nursery- teachers. There are 7 several day nurseries in Wolgast under management of 6 different responsible bodies. Every day nursery has an operating permit under § 45 KJHG ( SGB VIII).

There are 681 places in the towns day- nurseries.
The capacity of each day- nursery is different- from 22- 238 places.

 Day- nurseries Friedrich Fröbel, 8 Ernst- Moritz- Arndt- Street
 in Secondary Modern School Hebeleinstraße 32 Heberleinstreet, phone 049 3836/ 203047

Brummkreisel , 2 Am Dreilindengrund phone        049 3836/ 600625



Day- nursery of the workers welfare institution (registered society):in Primary School, phone         049 3836/ 202054
Day- nursery of the red cross ( registered society):Anne Frank , 44 Pestalozzistreet, phone 049 3836/ 204312
Day- nursery of the Protestant parish:Arche, 36 Chausseestreet, phone 049 3836/ 202529
Day- nursery of the Catholic parish:Sankt Marienstift, 9 August- Dähn- Street, phone 049 3836/ 203635
Day- nursery of SHIA e.V. (registered society):Lütt Matten, 4 Mühlentrift, phone 049 3836/601952


Facts and information about all day- nurseries

 Day- nursery Friedrich Fröbel
 Open:6 am- 4.30 pm
 Staff:nursery teachers
1 welfare paedagoge
2 nursery teachers are trained in the field of autism building, also suitable for handicapped children
 Location:little, comfortable
quiet location in the center
 Characteristics:- common education with disabled children on the ground floor
- once a week sauna
- little groups
- children that don`t go to a day- nursery can come to play in the afternoon
- offers in the fields of music, art, sports, language
- most time is spent on playing
- main events are monthly celebrations
- once a year all children spend a weekend at the camping- site Gnitz



 Day- nursery Heberleinstraße
 Open:10 am- 4 pm
 Age of admission:6- 10 years
 Staff:nursery- teachers
 Location:inside of the Secondary Modern School Heberleinstraße with nice surroundings near the forest
 Characteristics:- common playing and doing homework
- cooperation with teachers of this school
- trips during holidays
- arrangement of celebrations together with day- nursery Friedrich Fröbel



 Day- nursery Brummkreisel
 Open:6 am- 5.30 pm
 Age of admission:half a year- 10 years
 Staff:6 nursery- teachers
1 welfare paedagoge
1 nursery- teacher with knowledge of English language
every teacher is trained in English language
 Location:little, round, modern building on the ground floor near the river Peene
 Characteristics:- bilingual education (English- German ) during the day
- complete catering
- integration of disabled children
- movement as important mean of development
- common education in mixed groups of all years
- cooperation of parents and registered society  Kreisel e. V.
- weekly play and sports groups of children and parents



 Day- nursery Primary School Baustraße
 Open:10 am- 4 pm
 Age of admission:from 1- 4
 Staff:nursery teachers
 Location:in the new housing estate next to Primary School Baustraße
 Characteristics:- care for children after school
- children of form 1 can be taken to school and home by day- nursery
- offers in the fields of sports, music, handicraft
- preparation of little pupils for future school- years



 Day- nursery Am Paschenberg
 Open:6 am- 5 pm
 Age of admission:from 1- 4
 Staff:nursery- teachers
 Location:inside the Primary School Am Paschenberg
 Characteristics:- interesting arrangement of leisure time
- offers in the fields of music, sports, games, nature, environment
- 3 clubs: chess, football, music doing homework under competent control
- cooperation of nursery teachers and school
- possibility of learning English by playing
- main events like holiday, cycling tours, visiting theatres, cinemas, museums
- final trip in form 4



 Day- nursery Lütt Matten
 Open:6 am- 5 pm
 Age of admission:2 1/2- 10 years (children of singles are preferred)
 Staff:nursery- teachers
 Location:quiet, smallest nursery in town
 Characteristics:- living and learning in groups like families
- cooperation with Womens Protection House
- using of the many offers of the Family Centre in the same building



 Day- nursery Sankt Marienstift
 Open:6 am- 5 pm
 Age of admission:3- 10 years
 Staff:nursery- teachers
 Location:little building, quiet, in the centre
 Characteristics:- two mixed groups of every age
- big meadow and garden
- own kitchen
- playing is most important
- taking part in parish life
- close cooperation with parents
- arrangement of Christian celebrations



 Day- nursery Arche
 Open:6.15 am- 4.30 pm
 Age of admission:2- 10 years
 Staff:nursery- teachers
 Location:quiet, in the centre of the old town
 Characteristics:- open for all denominations
- children are taught Christian and bible contents
- every day starts with a morning circle
- several weekly offers in the fields of music, Christian teaching, handicraft
- the nursery- teacher of each group is on duty from 7 am- 1 pm
- common singing, dancing and playing instruments
 Day- nursery Anne Frank
 Open:6 am- 5.30 pm
 Age of admission:6 months- 10 years
 Staff:nursery teachers
3 welfare pedagogues
 Location:in the centre of the new housing estate
 Characteristics:- biggest day- nursery in town  11 groups
- integration of 3 groups with defects of speech
- several offers like Yoga and relaxation through self hypnosis
- game and contact groups
- training for babysitters
- mixed groups from age of two
- complete catering by a firm, running in this building



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